Short item Published on June 14, 2011

Short Course on Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

SACEMA, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Fox of Boston University’s Department of Epidemiology and Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD), is holding a five-day short-course on advanced epidemiologic methods from 15 August to 19 August 2011 in Stellenbosch.

Introductory and intermediate courses in epidemiological methods teach students the concepts needed to begin a career conducting valid epidemiological research; however these courses typically only briefly cover the causal models that should underlie the design of valid epidemiological studies. We will use these models as a jumping-off point to begin rethinking what we have already learned and to go further in our understanding of basic concepts of measures of effect, confounding, misclassification and selection bias. From there we will begin to question the implications of various sources of bias in our studies and we will work through novel methods and approaches for doing more than simply speculating about these biases. We will then finish by exploring the basic statistics used in epidemiological research and we will correct misunderstandings about what these statistics can tell us.

Throughout the course we will focus on the core concepts of validity and precision and will further develop our understanding of these central ideas. We will emphasize the development of skills that every doctoral level epidemiologist should have, skills that are both practical and marketable. It is a course designed to help doctoral level, advanced master’s students, and practicing epidemiologists advance their skills. Note that this course is not offered for any credit.

The course registration fee is R1 500. The closing date for applications is Friday 24 June 2011.

For further enquiries and an application form contact the Ms Lynnemore Scheepers, at or phone: 021 808 2589/2893.