Published on December 9, 2016 by

Using a well-characterized HIV-1 subtype C incidence cohort to compare the performance of two biomarker assays for recent HIV infection

The use of laboratory assays to identify recent infections among samples collected in cross-sectional surveys provides a potentially powerful way to measure HIV incidence. Ongoing evaluations of candidate laboratory assays have highlighted improvements and shortcomings of individual assays in correctly identifying and classifying people as recently infected. We tested two candidate assays, Sedia Limiting Antigen (LAg) and BioRad avidity assays (BioRad) against samples from a prospective cohort study in which incidence was measured directly. BioRad and LAg avidity assays have false recent rates that are up to 8 times lower than those for the BED assay, providing the potential for improved estimates of HIV incidence.