Short item Published on November 30, 2018

HIV Research for Prevention conference (HIVR4P 2018): Conference highlights

The HIVR4P conference is a global scientific conference focusing on biomedical HIV prevention research. HIVR4P 2018 supported research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, PrEP, treatment as prevention, and other biomedical prevention approaches. Numerous presentations highlighted the growing knowledge of HIV immune responses, HIV vaccine approaches, the impact of PrEP in HIV prevention, new PrEP drugs and diverse potential delivery options.

Short item Published on November 28, 2011

Modelling the potential impact of an antiretroviral microbicide gel on the HIV epidemic in South Africa

One of the major obstacles to preventing HIV-transmission has been the lack of an effective, female controlled method of prevention. Now, for the first time, a vaginal microbicide has been shown to reduce the risk of infection in women. CAPRISA 004 was a randomized placebo-controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and safety of a 1% Read More