Melanotan-2 is a synthetic chemical made that induces pigmentation in people. It is a product that is easily available over the internet and is being misused by people to induce sunless tanning. Melanotan-2 is also used to correct erectile dysfunction. It can cause erections in men when it is injected under the skin. It is also rumoured to prevent skin cancer due to sun exposure. To protect yourself from the sun, you could stay at home during hot days and play some fun sports betting games via UFABET.

How does it work?

Melanotan 2 works similar to the hormone, ‘melanocyte-stimulating hormone’. The MSH stimulates the production of pigmentation of the skin and results in a tan that is developed. It also works to stimulate erection in the male penis to correct erectile dysfunction.


In many different cases, we have seen how Melanotan-2 overdosing resulted in toxicity in the body. Therefore, the recommended dosage for using Melanotan-2 injection is 0.025mg.
A 39-year-old Caucasian male had injected about 6 mg of Melanotan 2 he had bought over the internet. He wanted to get a tanned look during the winters and so decided to use Melanotan-2. After injecting the drug, within 2 hours, he was hospitalized as he complained of body aches, sweat and anxiety. A physical exam showed results on high blood pressure, increased pulse rate, and low temperature. He was admitted to the ICU and was released three days later.


As discussed earlier, the uses of Melanotan-2 includes producing erections in men for erectile dysfunction. It is also used for tanning purposes. All this is achieved when a shot of Melanotan-2 is given under the skin. Even though it is said that it is used to prevent skin cancers due to sun exposure, but there has not been enough evidence of the same.

Is it worth it?

Is using drugs with potential side effects worth it? Is beauty that important for people to overlook their health? This is one question that one should ask oneself.

Uses and side effects

Melanotan is used in European regions to prevent phototoxicity in adults having erythropoietic protoporphyria. This is injected to the skin level as an implant and lasts for about two months.

This is not recommended for people with critical liver problems. This is also not allowed for pregnant women to use.

Side effects

Even though it is safe to use the drug under a doctor’s supervision, Melanotan-2 has certain side effects like nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite etc.

These side effects of this medicine are visible in more than 10 per cent of the people using these drugs. These include headaches and nausea. The several uncommon side effects include back pain, feeling hot, dizziness, migraine, decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness, upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea, flushing, vomiting, stomach pain and red skin, development of warts, spots, freckles and itchy skin. Many rare side effects have been found in less than 0.001% of its users.


There are many fake or counterfeits of Melanotan being sold online, and in gyms, their products are not under the radar of any health inspectors, and it is warned by them to report and stop using them. The use of unregulated drugs can lead to cancer and even death in most cases.


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