There are over 100 MRI centres, and most of them are cost-effective and affordable. There are some of the reputed MRI scan centres where you can get the best of services. You need to know the good MRI centres where you can get your check-ups done properly. Several doctors are affiliated with some of the other diagnostic centres and only refer you to that particular centre. And you also need to have a thorough understanding of your problems and symptoms because many times, few doctors prescribe an MRI even when there was no need to get one done, just because they get commissions out of that.

MRI scan centres that are opened 24/7

Emergencies can happen anytime, and immediate diagnosis can be needed at any hour. Since an MRI scan can detect internal injuries, it is much preferred in case of an accident. Many MRI centres are very well established, which is why so many of them provide you with a service that is 24/7. There are several MRI centres where you can find the doors open of you all day and night. There are even more 24/7 MRI scan centres.

What is the cost of an MRI Scan

It is quite an obvious thing that one wants to get good medication that he/she can afford. The MRI centres charge the citizens from around INR3000 to INR10,000. It depends on which MRI you need to get done. There are quite a lot number of MRI centres whose cost range from:

MRI Brain Scan – INR3,500 (starting)

MRI Spine Cervical – INR3,500 (starting)

MRI Shoulder Joint – INR3,500 (starting)

MRI Breast Scan – INR5,200 (starting)

MRI Whole Spine – INR7,000 (starting)

MRI Chest Scan – INR4,500 (starting)

These were the few of the top prices from the MRI scan centres. When you go to any of the centres, you need to check if the prices match India’s. It is possible that where in India you are supposed to be charged INR3000 for a particular MRI scan, you are charged INR6000 for the same scan.

Why should the patients know about the MRI machine?

After you know about the MRI centres, you all should be aware of the MRI machines. They come in different strengths in their magnetic field, which is generally measured in Tesla (T). It ranges from 0.5T to 3.0T. Since the numerals signify the magnetic field’s strength and are directly proportional to it, we can make out that a 3T machine would be better than a 1.5T one and will also project a clearer image.

Well, all points considered, we can conclude that the MRI scanner is indeed a very genius technology invented since it illustrates everything going on in your body, ever more clearly and in greater detail. So, whatever it may be, whether a damaged tissue, a broken joint or even any problem in the brain or the spinal cord, it can be immediately be diagnosed, and you can get your treatment as early as possible.


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