There are many types of fashions that are quite not accepted by society. Body modifications can be one of the dubious fashion businesses. Ear stretching could be great looking and rewarding. However, it requires patience, respect, and understanding of your own body. Stretching your ears could be a nasty business if you do not know much about the same. Ear stretching concerning the piercing of your body could be a development for wearing certain types of ornaments. It is a long-lasting and extraordinary change of your body. It would be best if you had the tolerance to the slight pain that might arise due to stretching of your ear due to piercing. To know more about ear stretching, let’s look through:

How to stretch your ears properly

Get pierced- To begin the stretching, you should first pierce your ears the traditional way. You can get your ears pierced anywhere in the malls or fashion stores.

Patience- Once you are pierced, wait for at least 4 to 5 months to let your piercing be healed completely. Then you could go for stretching your ears

Gradually increase your size- The increasing size of your piercing could be mundane as it takes time to increase your piercing size. However, this does not mean that you skip the sizes of your piercing. As skipping sizes of piercing is a very bad idea, it is not safe and could damage your ears.

Using tapers and tunnels- Tapers are used to stretch the size of your piercing and be replaced with jewellery within some hours. Tapers could be attractive but not wearable in the long term. The use of acrylic made tapers is good. Tunnels are what you can use for wearing long term.

If you are looking to get your ears stretched, then the first should be safety that you take care of. Next, it is recommended to visit a professional if you are looking for ear stretching.

Ear Stretching: committed body art

Ear stretching can be very well defined as a phenomenon of tapering and piercing ears in a great and explicit way, where a taper is a tool used to increase the size of piercing due to its magical shape. It has a unique figure, which is cramped on one side, and the opposite mouth is broad. This is the process of making a larger gauge in the hole of the piercing. There are immense varieties that come under ear stretching like nasal septum piercings, tongue piercings, and lip piercings. There are two forms of ear stretching: tapers and taping method.  To have extra funds, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via


  • The beginning of ear stretching needs to be very safe and preoccupied with certain measures which can make it worthy.
  • They are normally made out of acrylic or stainless steel and are round at one end.
  • Acrylic tapers do not possess good material because of their cheapest options.
  • Steel tapers are generally recommended because they are easier to stretch with than acrylic.
  • Another steel taper is concave steel tapers that have a dip in the back where you can put your new plugs.

Taping Method:

  • This method helps to stretch the lobes slowly and carefully.
  • There are two types of tapering method: PTFE tape and bondage tape.
  • PTFE tape is an inexpensive tape which does not irritate ears as other tapers do.
  • Bondage tape is the second-best tape that is self-adhesive and fits into the plugs, and is thin enough to stretch with.

Ear stretching always recommends the users wait for at least a month between stretches. Otherwise, it will stretch ears to become bigger at the end. That is why it becomes an important factor to stretch slowly and never skip sizes.